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Facility & Strata Maintenance

We are a professional and experienced team dedicated to providing comprehensive strata maintenance services to strata managers and owners in Sydney. Our facility and strata maintenance services aim to ensure that your strata property remains in excellent condition while providing a comfortable and safe environment for its occupants.

Our team consists of trained and experienced professionals who specialize in facility and strata maintenance services. We take pride in our work, and we always strive to exceed our clients' expectations. Our team is equipped with the latest tools and equipment necessary to provide quality strata maintenance services in Sydney.

At our facility and strata maintenance services, we provide a wide range of services to cater to the unique needs of our clients. Our services include:

Building Maintenance:

Our garden maintenance services include regular lawn mowing, hedge trimming, weed control, and garden bed maintenance. We take pride in creating beautiful gardens that enhance the appearance of the property and create a welcoming environment for the occupants.

Garden Maintenance:

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Cleaning Services:

We provide professional cleaning services to strata properties in Sydney. Our cleaning services include common area cleaning, window cleaning, and high-pressure cleaning. We use environmentally friendly products to ensure the safety of the occupants and the environment.

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Security Services:

We offer a range of security services to ensure the safety and security of the strata property and its occupants. Our security services include CCTV installation, access control, and alarm systems.

Waste Management:

We provide waste management services that include regular bin collection and recycling services. We ensure that waste is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner, and we strive to reduce waste and promote sustainable practices.

Pest Control:

We provide pest control services to prevent and eliminate pests that can cause damage to the strata property and create an unhealthy environment for the occupants. Our pest control services include the use of safe and effective products to eliminate pests.

Emergency Services:

We provide emergency services to ensure that any urgent issues are dealt with promptly and efficiently. Our emergency services include 24-hour call-out services for repairs and maintenance.

At our facility and strata maintenance services, we understand that each strata property has unique needs and requirements. We work closely with our clients to develop customized maintenance plans that meet their specific needs and budgets. Our team of professionals is always available to provide expert advice and assistance to ensure that the strata property is maintained to the highest standard.

We pride ourselves on providing reliable, efficient, and cost-effective strata maintenance services in Sydney. Our aim is to create a safe and comfortable environment for the occupants while ensuring that the strata property is well-maintained and enhances the value of the property.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a professional and experienced team to provide comprehensive facility and strata maintenance services in Sydney, look no further than our facility and strata maintenance services. Contact us today to discuss your strata maintenance needs and to learn more about our services. We look forward to working with you!