Stanhope Newsagency

Shop Fit Out

Stanhope Newsagency

Shop Fit Out by Distinqt Integrated

The Stanhope newsagency store remodel aimed to achieve a fresh visual appeal. This involved removing unnecessary displays and introducing glass cabinets to showcase figurines for sale.

Additionally, new shelving units were installed to better organize stationery and birthday cards, enhancing the overall shopping experience.

  • Project
    News Agency
  • Completed
    September 2023
  • Service
    Shop Fit Out
  • Duration
    3 Weeks

Project Mission

Our mission was to upgrade the News agency, focusing on quality, design, time, and budget. We aimed to satisfy our customers and exceed their expectations. Through careful planning and hard work, we created an exceptional space. Our goal was to go above and beyond, and we achieved it. Now, the News agency stands as a testament to our dedication and success.
Ultimately, we successfully remodelled the News agency. By focusing on quality, sticking to the design, managing time well, and budget effectively, we created a space that exceeded expectations. It wasn't just a renovation, it was about making a better place for our customers, reflecting our values of excellence and satisfaction.

Project Challenges

The project faced challenges in managing costs within budget, sticking to timelines, and obtaining management approval for construction. Unexpected expenses and cost fluctuations required careful financial planning. Delays and logistical hurdles threatened the project's timeline, necessitating quick decisions.
Securing management approval for construction plans was also challenging, requiring persuasive justification. Despite these obstacles, the team's resilience and proactive problem-solving ensured successful project completion within budget and timeline constraints.